Where is Leef electric scooter subscription available?

Leef currently serves the entire continental United States–that’s 48 amazing states, from sea to shining sea.

Why wouldn’t I just buy a scooter?

We thought the same thing and that’s why we started Leef. When researching what model to buy, we had a few concerns:

“Where do I take it if it breaks?”
“What do I do with this when I want the new model?”
“I’m not sure how much I will actually use it.”

Leef solves all those issues. We handle all the potential hardware maintenance and repair issues you may face. Our flexible subscription plan lets you upgrade to the newest model once it’s available and keep your scooter as long as you need it.

Plus, Leef costs less up front, takes away the risk of a big purchase, and it’s even cheaper than using a shared scooter!

How is Leef different than the scooters I see on the sidewalk?

Leef is a subscription service. We get you a top of the line electric scooter to you for your own use, just like you own it.

No limitations on where you can have it or ride it [of course respecting applicable laws] and no worries about the history of it because it’s the same as owning it, but easier.

Where is Leef based?

We are based in sunny Los Angeles California but our beautiful electric scooter subscription service is available in all of the lower 48 states.


Are the scooters brand new that users receive?

Yep! Every scooter in our early adopter fleet is brand new and has been inspected at our facility in California before it is sent to you.

If you are in the LA metro area, we also offer a VIP concierge service to bring a fully assembled scooter right to you.

Do Leef electric scooters fold?

For maximum convenience and portability, our scooter has an easy two step folding process to not only make it easy to fold and carry or store but also safe and secure when unfolded and on your way somewhere.

Is assembly required?

Your Leef electric scooter comes 98% assembled with only 2 steps required to get you on your way.

Shipping your scooter this way lets us keep the price low and minimizes environmental impact by reducing shipping materials and space required in trucks.


What if my scooter malfunctions and in need of resuscitation?

Contact us at [email protected]

What types of damages are not covered in my subscription?



Do I need a permit or license to ride my scooter?

In most of the United States our scooters can be operated without any need for a license. However, law vary state by state and sometimes city by city, so we encourage you to check your local laws.

How do I lock the scooter or prevent others from riding it?

The best part about Leef is you can take the scooter with you exactly where you go. It folds to a nice compact profile that can be carried right in your house, straight to your desk, or popped in you car. There is no need to leave it on the street.

If you do need to lock it somewhere, we suggest this method.


Can I subscribe for someone else?

Of course! Leef subscriptions are an impressive gift for practically everyone. Keep in mind, the subscriber is responsible for subscription payments and scooter return at the end of the subscription.

You can also give the gift of Leef credit to allow the receiver to manage the subscription themselves.

Do you offer incentives to Leefers to invite others to subscribe?

Yes, you can accrue credit towards your subscription.

How do I cancel my Leef subscription?

One of the best parts about Leef is you can end your subscription anytime by simply returning it to us or transferring it to another person.

I love my Leef. Can I pay for several months of it in advance?


Is the key fee refundable?

This one-time initialization fee gest you into the Leef subscription service. This fee, is not refundable, but it is transferable if you want to pass your subscription on to someone else.

Can I get multiple scooter subscriptions for my business, hotel, Air BnB, family, commune, or office?

There is no limit on the number of subscriptions you can have. We even have special fleet pricing and services available for those who need 3 or more scooters.


What shipping methods are available?

We currently ship via UPS ground.

If you are in the Los Angeles or Orange County, we are offering a limited time VIP concierge service to bring a fully assembled scooter right to you for FREE.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping typically takes from 1 to 5 days via UPS ground depending on your distance from Los Angeles, weather, and other factors impacting ground transit. We’ll send you a tracking number so you can sit back and watch your new scooter make its way to you.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only serve the continental United States. However, if you let us know where you are, we’ll notify you as soon as shipping is available to your country.


What is the return policy?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by placing the enclosed return label on the scooter packaging and sending it back to us.

Enterprise purchases can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. If the box is opened, a restocking fee may also apply.

I discarded the original packaging and return label. What do I do?

Don’t worry. Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll send over replacement packaging.